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Story of Mikkenlangelo

Our Story

The inspiration behind the MICKKELANGELO brand originates from Tromsø, a renowned city in northern Paris. Tromsø is a university town in northern Norway with a rich history and is also the birthplace of many modern Norwegian popular cultures.

MICKKELANGELO Natural Intelligent Ecosystem

We started with the "Floating Scraping and Cupping Device" and incorporated the principle of harmony between nature and humans into intelligent technology. We divided the human body into the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter and used AI intelligence to adjust the appropriate strength and temperature, aiming to accurately bring out the benefits of both scraping and cupping, two natural therapeutic methods.

This product is extremely popular in Northern Europe because of the particularly cold weather and heavy humidity. We have specially equipped the product with temperature control devices to ensure user comfort. Subsequently, we also introduced intelligent health devices such as the "Knee Care Device," "Neck Massager," and "Eye Massager," gradually creating an intelligent ecosystem.

Our Vision

Our vision is to further enhance people's level of health and happiness. We are committed to developing more home products that contribute to a happy life. The product development team at MICKKELANGELO adheres to high industry standards, and our products undergo various tests and evaluations to ensure that users have the best product experience. We hope to convey the concept of 3H [Happy-Healthy-Harmonious] to every family!